JUki DDL - 8100e

Sewing mechanism that demonstrates outstanding responsiveness tomaterial to be sewn.
By throughly investigating and modifying the sewing mechanism in order to archieve low tension sewing, the machine flexibly respond to various kind of materials and produce beautiful seams of consistent quality.

The machine has been designed to reduced vibration and noise and upgraded reliability and durability.

By adoping a machine frame structure designed to obtain optimal balance and upgrade strength and rigidity, the machine runs with reduced vibration and noise.

The head pulley has been designed to contain a deep recess to allow the operator to hold thepulley firmly and turn it with ease.

The machine has easy to operate function to archieve improved operability.

By providing a presser foot with higher lift ( 13mm ), a light touch stitch dial and other easy to operate function the burde on the operator is lightened, and productivity is further increased.

The machine provides as standard with attachment mounting seats.

The machine is provided as standard with extra attachment mounting seats for attachment of new auxlilary parts in the future. The extremly high durability of the seats ensures an extended service with frequent replacement of attachment.

The location of the hinge to prevent the sewing material from being caught by the hinge.

The hinge is located as such so as to prevent the material from being caught by it, there by improving workability.